Merrychef HD1025

Ideally suited for individual portions or small batch cooking.

A fully commercial heavy duty, stainless steel 1025 Watt microwave oven equipped with the unique lift-up door.

1025 Watt power output (IEC 705 Rating)
Full access to the oven cavity with the space saving removable lift-up door
Fully programmable (up to 10 programs)
Order reference
1025C45UK (240V-50Hz)1025C25EX (220V-50Hz)
Power input
Power output
Microwave @ 100% 1025 Watts (IEC 705 Rating)
Up to 9m 59s
Additional information
Moulded 13 Amp plug BS 1363A (UK only)
28.5 Litres
Cavity – 304 Stainless SteelNon magnetic cooking chamberCasework – 304 Stainless SteelCoated Aluminium extrusion
Distribution system
Rotating Passive Antennae (two)
Electrical supply
240V 50Hz Single Phase or220V 50Hz Single Phase60Hz available for marine specification
Energy-saving stand-by mode* automatically powers down the oven when not in use
Unit has quick recovery time when needed.
Ergonomic digital touch pad control and easy to clean interior cavity
In-built diagnostics – easy to use fault finding cards
Menu Key Option
Quality assured BS EN ISO 9001 accreditation and CE marked
Safety features
Microwave safety interlocks on doorCavity overheat sensorAutomatic lock-out on invalid time settingMagnetron overheat sensors
Safety interlocks
Timer controls
Digital touch pad control
User friendly operation
User interface
Built-in diagnostic messagesDigital LED display of cooking timeEasy-to-use pre-programmed operation10 programsNumerical display of actual cavity temp
Vending model available

Merrychef HD1025
W x D x H 1539/16” x 14311/16” x 783/4
390cm x 365cm x 200cm
Weight 88 lb
39.9 kg
Power Output 0.00