a home-made biscuit machine

Biscuits, from the Marcato Design line, is a cute little machine for making home-made biscuits.

It is available in silver, blue, black, copper, pink, red and green.

Biscuits comes with 20 biscuit dies, one for every occasion of the year. You can use this machine to make biscuits that can be decorated or stuffed as you like, according to your tastes.

By simply turning the adjustment knob you can make different size biscuits:

position 1: small biscuits
position 2: large biscuits
The Biscuits machine is easy to use, without any need to cover the baking sheet with parchment paper or butter: you can make 20/25 large biscuits, or 35/40 small biscuits with one full cylinder load and by simply pressing.

Its ergonomic shape, made with food-grade anodised aluminium alloy, is coloured using oxidation colouring so that no residue is released onto the dough. Biscuits makes 100% pure and wholesome home-made biscuits, and implements the company’s guidelines in terms of research, development and technology.

This product will let you have fun with your children and enjoy some quality time with your family. An excellent gift idea for any occasion, the Biscuits machine will let you re-discover the taste and wholesomeness of home-made biscuits, just like grandma’s.


1. Do not use parchment paper
2. Do not use in the dishwasher
3. Do not clean with metal objects
4. Clean with hot water and detergent

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